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Post  enigma on Tue Oct 21, 2008 7:51 am

Don't Grow Weary
Galatians 6:9

God has a harvest of blessing in mind for you (Psalms 37:4). Do not let if be destroyed by discouragements which will eventually lead you to give up. Trust God. He is able to put you over.

Time has a way of wearing us down - of eroding our hopes and dreams. We must look to God for strength and courage and refuse discouragement. We must, with God's help, overcome - instead of being overcomed by life and circumstances.

Life is not easy. There are obstacles and unexpected turns in the road. But God is with us, for us, and in us as believers in Jesus Christ. When we grow weary in doing good, it is always because we are losing sight of God and eternity.

As you walk in faith and refuses to give up - you bring glory and pleasure to God. Imagine how it thrills God when someone like you, continue to trust in HIM and thank Him - even when it does not look like it is working out very good.

Read the Bible. You are not the first to be tested, or have to wait for the promise to be manifested. But God is always faithful. He will NEVER fail you.

"You were never supposed to mean this much to me. I was never supposed to fall so hard. But you know what?
I did and thatís the truth. Thatís what keeps me holding on because it hurts like hell to let you go.
I was born to tell you I love you And I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine

"I Love you, YOU Who Could Never Be Mine"
"♫♪ And I Love YOU Still ♪♫"

Don't Grow Weary Th_myh10

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Post  forgiven on Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:05 pm

thanks for the word.
Our God is really faithful. even in silence He's been very faithful to Me.

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