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Re: LezPinay

Post  Sonn on Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:03 am

for me lezpinay forum is not just a forum itself... lezpinay means a lot for me... testi ba ito? he he he... :)
it all started when i was searching for a group sa fs yata un i think and i'm searching using other search engines too, i can't remember na when i met love2watch92 eh.... xori poh... peo it doesn't matter naman eh... what matters is that i accept your invitation and i have no regrets at all... because i know that... here is where i can be myself, i can say anything i want to say about me without hesitations without discriminations because i know this is where i belong... here i can be free.... Crying 2 Love You Mwah!

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